Unusual forms for Agape tanks

The bathroom turns: no longer just a service environment but room to be designed in every detail. The design tub is the heart of this setting to relax after a hectic day. Drop is a minimal and essential bathtub. This product owes its form to the ambitious goal of creating a bathtub that can be used at the same time by more people in different postures. Squadron and geometric Marseilles is the encounter between innovation and tradition. An innovative material of the Cristalplant, which here forms the shapes of a washbasin, bringing to Agape a fragrance of the past made of history. Suitable for content environments thanks to its geometry and a reduced length, it reinterprets some of the elements of the past such as the large countertop that runs along the entire long side.

The unusual form of DR seems to say “take the place, you are welcome!”. These are the words by the authors Marcio Kogan and MK27, describing this product. A Solid surface interior tank and multilayer outdoor coating available in different woods. No more excuses, with Agape our moments of relaxation are filled with design.

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