Transparent Glass House Design Ideas

Here are the transparent glass house. This three level house is located in a suburb of Larissa Greece and this house design by Christina Zerva Architects. The building consists of several volumes witch play with space. the configuration of multi-flight staircase which combine series of steps and rest areas. The high ceilings help the staircase to expand its elegance to a maximum. A well planed lighting schema empharizes the staircase’s form and the quality of the materials. Metal construction can attain and it endow the staircase with sculptural quality giving it a starring role in the building over and above their practical function, the building wide windows and height eilings allow natural available force to supply and remove air through the enclosed space, improving or maintaining the quality of the air providing acceptable indoor air quality. The two glass facades give a sense of closeness to the green exterior and combined with the glass balcony. The high ceilings create the perfect atmosphere for a relaxed and thought-promoting atmosphere.