Tips for organizing a baby’s bedroom

When in a family there is a baby coming, usually one of the first thoughts of parents concerns the preparation and decoration of the bedroom that will welcome him. How to organize a baby’s bedroom?

For the first 5/6 months of the child’s life it is not unusual for many parents to choose to place the crib or the bed in their room but it can still be very useful to organize immediately a space dedicated to receiving all the objects necessary for the care of the child. New arrival.

Generally the baby’s bedroom is furnished during pregnancy and often parents, overwhelmed by enthusiasm, can be led to follow their desires, thus running the risk of losing sight of what are the real needs of a newborn.

Here is what it is essential to buy when the baby arrives:

a cot for the first few months, a perfect wicker basket or a mini cradle with wheels so you can move it to other rooms in the house, or a bed with a reducer
a chest of drawers
a comfortable changing table

If the birth takes place in the summer it will be essential to purchase a mosquito net that, placed on the bed, will protect the baby from insects. For the same purpose you can use a veil that together with the practical function can make the bed more elegant and romantic! The use of the changing table can serve to make the diaper change easier because it allows you to have everything you need at your fingertips.

As for the layette, you can buy many things as time passes but at the beginning you have to have an essential kit, of course in the themes and fantasies most welcome:

2 sets of sheets
4/5 covers
10/12 bibs
2/3 aciugamani for bath
4/6 bottles
7/8 cotton shirts
5/7 t-shirts and panties of spunga
3/5 rompers
4/5 socks
fleece cotton rompers
baby bath tub.

It is important to keep in mind that the environment dedicated to the newborn must be organized with some precautions; the ideal would be to have a large and quiet space where the mother can move freely with the baby in her arms. For this reason it is important first of all that furniture in this first phase is as essential as possible; as mentioned, the necessary furniture is the cradle (or cot), but very useful can also be the changing table or a chest of drawers with a large base and an armchair or a comfortable chair reserved for the mother who nurses. Know that the cradle is not essential. Even the cot can be good from the first weeks of life as long as it provides the baby with the feeling of safety and protection that is needed; for this purpose it may be useful to cover the sides of the bed with padded bumpers that reduce the space or use a soft reducer that sticks with simple laces to the sides of the bed, creating a cradle inside the crib. For the first time, the wardrobe can easily be replaced by a chest of drawers that, in addition to the trousseau and the dresses, can contain all the products necessary for the hygiene and care of the newborn. Finally, the furniture can be completed by an armchair that will be very comfortable for breastfeeding and will become a space reserved for this moment of great intimacy between the mother and her child. When choosing furniture, it is essential to keep the safety factor in mind: it is important at the time of purchase to make sure that the furniture meets the safety standards in force in the European Community. Attention to safety is also very important for other aspects of setting up a space for a baby.


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