The wallpaper in the bathroom

The use of wallpaper no longer limits: waterproof and moisture-proof become ideal and eclectic coatings for the bathroom environment, including shower enclosures, and over time can easily be replaced to easily renovate the bathroom.

Instabilelab, a brilliant Venetian company with unmistakable creativity, proposes all collections for damp environments in two versions of textures: Fiberglass (Fiberglass + Appretto) and Fibra Tex (glass fabric). Both of them exude from the common walls that are smooth to the touch, in fact the wall seems to be covered with fabric for a surprising result.

There are countless graphics featuring natural elements, stylized architectures, soft shades, endless drawings, photos and unique creations made by a real “wall interpreter” company that offers different solutions for each style.

Below is a selection of the innumerable collections that are also available for the bathroom, all in different shades.


Render image of modern bathroom


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