The round table

Ready for the big return of the round table? To tell the truth, it never went down all the way, continuing to resist, albeit often obscured by ever-new proposals from square lines. I then did not make any text: when we moved to the new home, I was certain of a few things, and among them was the fact that I would have had an iconic Tulip round table, from the unmistakable design of Eero Saarinen. Because it’s a piece of timeless design that brings with it its 60 years of life with innocuous elegance. Some of my guests often croak the nose, finding the round shape a little demodé and unsuitable for a modern home like ours. Well, I’m never too cared for, I chose it for design and I adored it immediately for its practicality!

Once again Pinterest’s credit rating is undeniable, the web is now depicting the pictures of Nordic stays with bright round tables, irresistible design chairs and awesome lamps to complete the cool picture. Here’s how a trend has come back!

Why choose it? First of all because its shape does not require a rigid seating arrangement, with the consequence that it is always easy to add someone to the table. We know it well: in the table where we usually eat in four, we can add grandparents, and sometimes their uncles, who no longer have them!

Then what I prefer is her intimate and informal being, so that we do everything: lunch at two does not seem to be king and queen at court, tonight we all eat together, in the afternoon we sit for tasks and on occasion it becomes a practical plan for our diy works.

Last but not least, thanks to the no-edged shape, the round table is perfectly suited even in the most difficult and irregular environments.


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