Take the effect of the wind to your home

A current trend in interior decoration is transfer effects from the outside stays closed, air or water that provide special feelings sometimes, and sometimes have suffered in the field and in a controlled way inside the house can environments provide a very interesting embellishment. There are fake fireplaces that simulate the effect of fire in the living room wall panels to move as window blind proporiconan that the effect of water on a continuous sliding on the glass and furniture as a flexible shell that appears to have been bent by the effect wind. The revolution in building materials used in the manufacture of furniture and accessories and in particular, progress in technology in the treatments that are used to shape and new finishes, made it possible to change the designs and the consequent increase the effects we can achieve with them. It is coming and even the development of smart materials that change color and texture depending on stimuli such as temperature, so cold days will have blue or green tones and warm days, red and orange, is even talk of the possibility of change with our mood, but is still under investigation in this regard. The proposed shelving of the image is Cattelan Italia, this is basically a container cabinet of the most traditional, the only innovation is the curved, irregular and asymmetrical makes it appear that the column is subject to the effect shelves wind, the sense of imbalance with your strength and the original result is curious and interesting.

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