Sunshades for all styles

Now that the beautiful season has come, you begin to feel the need for a sun awning. If sunlight shield is the primary function for which you feel the need to buy one, you should not underestimate its function from a decorative and architectural point of view. Sunbathing, in fact, helps to change the exterior appearance of our homes (think of the most scenic versions, such as sails or caps) and also create more spaces in our gardens or terraces making usable and livable areas Otherwise off limits under the blazing sun. The use of sunshades has also been recognized by the new Stability Law, which included the costs of buying and installing those that enjoy the Econobonus of 65%. Today I show you some of the models in the Btgroup catalog, a leading company in the field of sun tanning made in Italy for more than 30 years.

There are many versions available to bring the shadow wherever you want. From terraces to gardens, from windows to gates, everything can be embellished by a tailor-made custom tent.
Among the most popular versions, given its structural simplicity and its versatility is the sun-shade. Can be fixed to wall or ceiling, two articulated arms tend to curtain thanks to a winch with manual or electrical operation.


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