Spectacular Internal Stairs

Turning a structural element indispensable as a scale in a real jewel of modern design is simpler than you might imagine, the important thing is knowing how to choose the right model and the most adaptable form their own spaces.

Modern design and really spectacular, these stairs have been able to transform itself from structural elements in real furnishing and own that will help provide a touch of elegance to the rooms.

We therefore proceeded to carry out an extensive collection of photographs that has inside various types of internal stairs, all united by a markedly contemporary trend that prefers a clean and linear style. Then we go to the discovery of suspended stairs, cantilevered, spiral, helical and box, also tailor-made and of course with the use of different materials ranging from wood to glass, passing through the marble or by combining multiple elements.

Of course the choice of the correct scale can not be separated from the environment within which it will be located, if you want to install a structure that is the perfect balance of design, aesthetics and convenience, we recommend that you consult an expert in the field: as you will to discover through the shots proposed here, these very special scales can be further enhanced by the play of light, special decorations of the walls and of course by choosing a decor that is well you match the style chosen.


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