Sliding Glass Cabinets: When Rationality And Aesthetics Meet

When it comes to the choice of furnishing your home, it is easy to focus on other environments and spend less time on one of the fundamental elements, because it can meet multiple needs in a functional and pleasant bedroom.

Being able to count on a qualitatively flawless product must form the basis of a reasoning that leads to the selection of the correct size, finish, desired type and its endowment: from this point of view, the Tomasella Group wardrobes reassure thanks to the great care for the technical detail, to the eye attentive to real housing needs, to the materials chosen to last over time, like the panel of the door in honeycomb.

If what appears rational, but actually necessary for the design of a complete sleeping area, has therefore had a positive feedback, we can now evaluate whether a hinged or sliding door solution is preferable. The second can provide us with two important advantages: saving space, allowing greater room for the other elements of the room, but also obtaining an unavoidable aesthetic advantage, which in modern design trends means elimination of handles, clean lines, absolute volumes.

To all this, the Kross sliding door wardrobe adds a special aesthetic value: the surface divided into irregular but harmonious shapes, with the alternation of polished and frosted glass, provides unprecedented reflections and light cuts. Thus the diagonal sides of the door become decorative motifs, giving the monochromatic style a new interpretation, lively yet elegant.

Customizing the interior, it finally becomes, with the great versatility of the Logica wardrobe program, a natural consequence thanks to innumerable internal equipment with which to correctly organize the space of the sleeping area and order your wardrobe.

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