Your semi-buried pool – 30 creative ideas

Ever dreamed of a swimming pool at home? What’s better than a nice little pool in your yard? You can swim as much as you want, do summer evenings with your friends and sip cocktails without respite. In many cases the space conditions can not allow to install a pool in our yard. From our day the architects offer us a large choice of multiple variants. Depending on the trends it is very fashionable to build your semi-buried pool. It is also a good decision in case of slope or terrain. It can be buried on one side, and above ground on the other, it depends on you and your desires.

And more if your family is big and with more than one child who likes to play in the garden you really need a secure ground. So with your pool semi-buried children can play next to the edge that is above ground without the risk of falling into the water. On the other hand if you do not have enough free space you can still install and use an inflatable pool. It is usually intended for children because it is shallow, small and also not very expensive like concrete ones. But he is sure that for you, it will be hard to dive and swim.



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