With the Schiffini kitchens, Italian Design is at its top

You can not always talk about “accessible” to all or almost all-around furniture, and so-called more commercial brands (without wanting to use this term with a negative meaning). Occasionally, for a true and sincere lover of beautiful design, take a leap forward and look at companies that – with a comparison coming from the automotive world – might be called Premium.

One of these is Schiffini, a company that in the field of modular kitchens could be called “niche”. This is because its products, since 1950, when the company has definitively specialized in modular kitchens, and then continued with the activities of the 1960s, are born to be true exponents of the so-called “Italian Design” collaboration with some of the most established architects and designers.

The intuitions in Schiffini’s kitchens models are in many cases extremely contemporary even today, while the models of the third millennium prove to be the triumph of Schiffini’s philosophy: extreme care of the details and, of course, an all-manic attention reserved to the design’s footprint ; finishing finishes, unparalleled manufacturing, choice and proper use only of the finest materials.
These are the indispensable Schiffini values ​​still today as 80 years ago, to propose kitchens that are not only synonymous with beauty but that they can last in time and be functional in every component, from small to bigger.
The characteristics of each Schiffini design can be summed up in the decalogue of the lab’s quality, where the absolute absence of chipboard, the cure for the resistance and precision of the joints, the maximum practicality of use.

Let’s explore a special Schiffini model, the Mesa kitchen, which is born from an idea by Alfredo Häberli whose kitchen vision is far from traditional and often anonymous forms. The frame of Mesa and its contours take on all the features of a lab, an environment in which to live, be working and experimenting. With the lines and features of Mesa, the kitchen becomes the true soul of the house!



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