Save Space with Design Column Libraries

Who told her that home bookstores need to be large and bulky occupying enough space? If you are in a small apartment, a classic wallet library probably does not allow you to handle the small surface you have at your disposal. You risk buying a cumbersome mobile that can give you many problems if you decide to change the layout of the furniture or rearrange the house, paying him too much money. A solution? Buy some column libraries that take full advantage of vertical spaces, and can be managed and moved in a very simple and fast way if you decide on a new organization of your apartment. If they are floor-to-ground libraries are really easy to move, while for wall-to-door operations are a little more laborious but nothing compared to a classic wallet. An example is the Zia Ortensia bookcase by Le Zie di Milano, a real jewel of design that combines style and functionality perfectly. Structure, base and head are in solid beech wood or black tinted. The shelves are painted steel with white epoxy powders. It is really easy to mount: the shelves fit on the structure without the need for tools. Also, the base, in three pieces to join with two wooden plugs, connects to the column with two screws, two washers with an Allen key provided in the package.

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