Who said winter could not be beautiful ?

The ongoing process of contamination between quality design and domestic heating needs has now become unstoppable, and we have already had many opportunities to talk about it. We have described you as radiators or idrostuous, to name only two of the most used tools, to be gradual but gradually becoming more and more urgent and true to true protagonists of interior design, no longer anonymous functional tools but components that personalize and characterize the environments.

Obviously, the practical function has certainly not gone into the background, in fact: the development of technologies today also yields results in terms of comfort and thermal rendering unforseen time, to which are also associated the virtues of energy saving, which have become crucial both for the home economy and for environmental concerns.


They are probably the radiator heaters, both in the classic radiator version and in the one with additional towel warmer features, the elements that best enjoyed this interior design trend, as in many cases their was a true metamorphosis that could even be cite art.

Suffice the example of Caleido, a company that has hired a star like Karim Rashid to design the Art Radiators collection, whose elements become the protagonists of the space they are in! Overlapping planks in harmonious abstract creations with vibrant color shades create imaginative imaginative and geometric spaces on the painted sheet. All you need to do is to look at them to experience a sense of dreamy tranquility, that is why they are not common radiators but decorative elements suitable for the living room as the bedroom!

On the same note, though in this case the affinity is greater with the scope of the sculpture, he inserts Deltacalor Bamboo, a free-standing radiator that appears to be composed of tropical plant stems from which it takes its name but which hides an eco-responsible technology that can heat up using less water and thus reduce fuel consumption.
Its intense aesthetic charge is undeniable because heat-distributing pipes are masterfully reinterpreted, while hiding at the same time a super-light technology-based prodigy that requires less energy to the boiler than a conventional radiator of equivalent dimensions.

Even among the boilers, as mentioned, we find ideas of great scenic impact, such as the Osa interior model of the Unical company: as compact as we have seen before and from harmonious and almost sculptural lines, this boiler coexists with an energy class A + and a strong propensity to customize because it allows you to choose the color of the front panel.
This exterior wall-mounted boiler has even received a nomination at the German Design Award 2017, and hides a highly technological heart that can be remotely managed through apps installed on smartphones or tablets, with maximum efficiency regulated by embedded electronics.



With regard to new forms of heat, one can not help but consider the evolution of great classics such as fireplaces and stoves. Surprising, for example, the possibility of installing the filament of the Aspen model, a gas fireplace signed by Piazzetta that does not require masonry, and is even manageable with the remote control!
Its rigorous and essential shapes are coated in precious majolica in a wide assortment of colors, with a design that grows vertically, thus facilitating integration in any environment. The refreshing experience of the fire view is highlighted by the “panoramic” window consisting of 3 glasses!


Those who prefer the traditional bursting of wood fire that evokes the home fireplace even if inserted into a futuristic design structure, can be guided on the wood-burning stove Nicole di Palazzetti.
Its hearth is made of special Thermofix cement, which is able to emphasize the diffused brightness of the flame, and is equipped with a patented system that regulates the air to guarantee maximum safety, combustion control and an easy fire ignition.
It can also burn large pieces of wood, and its harmonious steel coated shapes are also available in the refined version of soapstone.

To conclude this exploration among the latest thermodesign innovations, we can not avoid deconstructing the eco-sustainable and economical fuel pellet, which can warm up like a traditional chimney but with all the above-mentioned virtues.
Also think of the comfort of a self-cleaning brazier such as MCZ’s Club Hydromatic, a pellet jar that also warms water for healthcare and that mounts a device that can prevent ash storage: energy-saving, costs and even time … what more to ask for a stove?
Combustion is intelligently managed, with significant performance in its industry obtained after stringent tests to optimize efficiency and emissions, because the right amount of power is always channeled where it is really necessary, namely to heating the water of the radiators but also of air, by convection.
Reduced ignition times and silence make it a tough product for those who want the ultimate in comfort!

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