Private pools: tips and examples for correct insertion

Swimming pools created by the sea, or immersed in the green countryside, located in prestigious villas or rustic farmhouses; wherever a swimming pool is inserted, it is necessary to take into account the context – landscape and architecture – that welcomes it. Therefore, first of all they assume, beside obviously the technology for the construction of the tank and the plant equipment:

the shades and colors chosen for the upholstery, better if always chosen in accordance with those already present in the pre-existing context;
the form (free or geometric?) imprinted on the reservoir;
the materials. There are real special pieces created specifically for the creation of edges and raceways, for which we refer the reading of the review on pool edge materials;
the accessories, determined by the use that you intend to make of the pool itself (place of well-being? Of leisure? Of sport?)

The care of all these factors, in inserting a pool within its context, is therefore of central importance and calls into question, first of all, the search for a sense of continuity and communion between the pool and the architectural context, so as to create a pool that becomes an integral part of the house, as if it were another “room” of the house itself. However, the integration with the surrounding buildings is not the only criterion to pay attention to: even the “panorama” plays a fundamental role. It is intuitive (or it should be) that inserting a pool in the mountains or with a sea view requires very different stylistic choices, both in terms of shades and materials and shapes.

As shown by the private pools presented in this review, the trends in terms of construction go in the direction of ever greater naturalness and respect for the characteristics of the place, trying to respect and preserve its qualities and using local materials that do not clash with the landscape surrounding. Another aspect that is increasingly felt is that of well-being. So, next to the traditional trampoline, in recent years hydromassage jets, geyses, fountains and water jets, areas dedicated to relaxation are becoming more and more successful. (In this regard, read the article dedicated to swimming pool accessories). In this review we have therefore collected some examples of private swimming pools included in various architectural and landscape contexts that offer useful ideas on design, choice of shapes and materials, and accessories.

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