Ordinary house = house bare?

Take care of the design of our rooms trying to make it consistent with our tastes and our personality is really fun. When we have to design and refine the home decor we are always loaded with enthusiasm and we do not want to leave anything to chance.
At the same time, I often realize it, either by personal experience or by the tales of friends, and when it comes to everyday life, it’s not all that simple.
Managing the home and keeping it always impeccably means time, a good thing that in our lives often does not abound!

When I’m free, it is always a pleasure to spend time in caring for my spaces, but you know, for me it’s a passion, but when personal and work commitments make the home a disaster it’s a disaster.
Several times I happened to talk to people who, aware of having little time to devote to their home, have organized it so as to make cleaning operations as swift as possible: the results are often the most demanding, minimalist, cool and unhelpful.

Little attention is needed to keep your home at its best, and when I do not have time, maybe I give up at a lunch out and entrust myself to a professional who can deal with cleaning and maintaining order in the different rooms. With Nina to keep batuffoli of poor and hair is a business.

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