New wooden bookcases or wooden partitions

Nowadays, home space is getting smaller. Our apartments, if we live in the city, are small and need to be optimized. The huge wooden bookcases once did not go anyway, that they would decorate a whole wall of the house. Intelligent or smart solutions are needed, such as libraries separating environments (divisions) or modern column libraries, capable of optimizing even the most confined space. We see two divisional libraries that combine functionality and design. They are both made of wood and are mounted on wheels that can be moved and oriented with maximum ease. So what do they need and what problem do they solve? First of all they are perfect for separating environments into small apartments. For example, in a small living room, they can separate the sofa area from a studio or reading corner. These are very useful libraries, so if you want to increase your space, you can move them and put them on the wall. For example, one night you have guests at home and you need to increase the space in your living room, because you need to stretch the table or console: do early because you move the library and create additional space.

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