Moretti Compact cameras, at the top of ecology and beyond

A decor that is both original and creative is always the desire of those who are thinking of new furniture for their own home: when, however, the bedroom is the one for children and young people, it adds to the need for a further feature, the safety of materials and design in its entirety!

The Italian company Moretti Compact, which has been active in the sector for over 40 years, is able to overcome this with its small rooms, with a specialization that has long been oriented exclusively to this type of furnishings, with innovative designs and constant evolution in colors always lively, and the ultimate modularity.
Moretti Compact firmly believes in the “100% Made in Italy” criterion and applies it at all stages of the realization of its small children’s rooms, with the utmost details of supply of raw materials, drafting and commissioning of everything in a production environment that is proof of certification, also for workers and for the preservation of the ecosystem.

In fact, in addition to using the LEB’s ecological wood for its panels, attention is also paid to their painting, obtained with specially water-resistant paint for the operators, but especially for children.
Safety also contributes not only to the supporting structures, but also to their assembly systems, guides, hinges, all of the highest quality for maximum yield and without losing sight of the closures, slowed down and assisted.

This is one of the few names in the furniture industry that can really be considered ecological, since having the primary resource as a wood always uses recycled post-consumer use, all in keeping with strict certifications; In addition, almost 50% of the energy used in production comes from renewable sources!

Choosing Moretti Compact means going safe, with an Italian product and certified quality!




Moretti Compact

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