Modern Minimalist House

An essential style, in some ways purist, which banishes any unnecessary tinsel or decoration, the modern minimalist home is the triumph of practicality and a sober elegance that becomes at the same time sophisticated. As it is easy to imagine the minimalist style perfectly marries the wide spaces offered by as many large rooms and, if you are curious to discover how all this takes shape in reality, first of all on an architectural level, just take a look at the photos we are to propose you 20 dream villas inspired by this design philosophy. Made in various parts of the world, the villas that you will discover here present all the key elements of a minimalist house, starting from the apparent simplicity of the structure that prefers pure geometric shapes, straight lines that stand out in length or height providing look for a further escape space.

The minimal one is a very sophisticated style that instead of decorative elements prefers architectural details and is devoted to the philosophy of the essential: in the living context should be included only as necessary and, following this perspective, even the colors must be modulated on a neutral basis creating small contrasts. As it is easy to understand the absolute protagonist becomes space and, consequently, the freedom of movement and observation related to it. If you are thinking of creating a modern minimalist home, and you are looking for some useful ideas or suggestions, we are sure that the 20 dream villas we have selected for the occasion will leave you with bated breath for beauty and pure elegance.



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