Modern bathroom

What makes a modern bathroom perfect?

We can define perfect a modern bathroom when it is not beautiful, but also functional. Gone are the days when the bathrooms had a cold and sterile look: the bathroom today is an elegant, relaxing, luxurious and reassuring room, a place to revitalize and be reborn after a hectic day. The key to giving it a modern look is the use of natural materials, such as wood, raw stone, marble and glass. The perfect modern bathroom reflects the style of the rest of the house, but also has features in its own right. A modern bathroom has the advantage of being a space that never tires thanks to the essential and geometric lines, as well as often neutral colors. Therefore, this type of furniture will be perfect both in large spaces, but especially in smaller ones.

What can I do to make my bathroom modern?

To create a modern look, it is essential to consider finishes, effect elements, accessories, lighting and every other detail. Take a look at the designs offered on homify to find ideas about the elements that go well together. The modern bathroom calls for relaxation, a nice warm bath and elegance – even the spa style, which creates small sanctuaries of well-being, is becoming more and more popular. For every style of design, as regards the bathtub and the shower, the rule applies: the bigger the better, the better. When choosing accessories for your bathroom, choose a “freestanding” bath, available in a wide variety of styles and finishes. The “walk-in” showers are very popular and in modern homes they are replacing the old shower enclosures. Evaluate the installation of glass ceiling doors to create a “walk-in” shower in your bathroom or maybe create a room dedicated to the shower. Give the walls a new look and substitute the tiles, or refresh the color of the walls: gray is a very fashionable color, gives an elegant and clean look, and can help create a relaxing atmosphere. For those with sufficient budget, you can create a modern look with a quick makeover: repaint the walls, replace the mirrors and lights, and change accessories such as towels and faucets. Today, more attention is paid to environmental sustainability than once and this is reflected in the growing use of recycled materials and energy efficient systems, such as taps with motion sensors. In the modern bathroom there is a family atmosphere: perhaps thanks to the addition of a comfortable armchair, water-resistant photos, and the installation of a cozy fireplace. A wide selection of bathroom furniture is also available in the market: integrated wardrobes with bathroom fixtures are perfect in a modern bathroom. Efficient containment solutions help to create a relaxing and orderly environment while maintaining the minimalist look you want.

Which color should I choose for the walls of my modern bathroom?

Gray is a very fashionable color for the modern bathroom and can be offset by an effect wall with mosaic decorations in the warm colors of the earth, such as orange-bronze, or, on the contrary, it can create a contrast with the adding furniture or wooden floors. Even white, neutral colors, green, blue and red are suitable colors. In choosing the color of the walls, consider the available space, natural and artificial lighting, if a wall can be created to effect and if the color is combined with other elements of the room.

What kind of flooring should I choose for my modern bathroom?
Tiles with decorative patterns are an aspect that particularly attracts attention in a modern bathroom. By creating textures, patterns or ornamental details, these tiles are ideal for creating interest in the absence of a wall effect. Even the tiles in natural materials, such as slate, and natural-effect tiles are ideal for the floor. The tones and finishes of the floors are increasingly varied and numerous, so the choice is particularly wide. Consider installing a floor heating to pleasantly warm the tiles and introduce a further luxury upgrade. The underfloor heating also recreates the pleasant atmosphere of a spa.


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