The luxury toilets that everyone dreams of

There are those who live in a room of a shared apartment, who a studio where the maximum luxury can be a loft area, who recently moved into an apartment if anything with their partner, and who can take a shower in a bathroom as big as a house. It is the new trend of luxury hotellerie to design suites with bathrooms that are as large as real apartments. Inside the luxury toilets you can find paintings, designer furniture, televisions and pools as large as pools. They range from a 30 square meter bathroom like the one in the Royal Monceau hotel in Paris up to 110 square meters.

More than bathrooms, you should define them as apartments. The tendency of luxury hot-selling to provide rooms with increasingly spacious bathrooms, perhaps more than most people’s homes, clearly responds to new customer habits. As in fact, in the bathrooms bathrooms are increasingly protagonists in the distribution of space, so even in the design of hotel suites toilets are no longer simple places to place the toilet but become small spa annexed to the rooms where you can relax and devote completely to the care of one’s body and mind. One example is the Royal Monceau suite, which measures 30 square meters and is characterized by a coating of mirrors that further amplify the interior space.


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