Light And Design With Floss And Castiglioni

As important as the complex, the lighting design is often what makes the difference in terms of performance and comfort within an environment. An example on everyone? Achille Castiglioni, besides chairs, tables and furnishings of all kinds, has signed some of the most used lamps ever. Between these Arc, Parentesi and Taccia, all produced by Flos and available in SAG80 GROUP showrooms, have a history that has made them famous among professionals and industry enthusiasts: without and without we are in front of icons.

Arco: produced since 1962 and recognized as a symbol of Italian design, with its iconic shapes and valuable materials is designed to be positioned anywhere;

Parentesi: minimal aesthetics made up of a few elements and infinite uses linked to the possibility of sliding a simple bulb over the metal wire, made it among the most beloved lamps designed by Castiglioni;

Taccia: also produced since 1962, has the charm of generating hand-drawn lamps used by table or floor is a sure-effect component for a quality-oriented design project.

In the doubt, in the face of the choice of the right lamp, searching among those drawn by Castiglioni can be a great solution.

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