LED lighting for gardens and green areas

LED lighting is nothing more than the modern way of illuminating, and that in the future it will be increasingly used and developed. This is because LED has many advantages compared to traditional halogen and energy saving lamps.
An LED lighting fixture stands out from traditional halogen garden lights for many fundamental characteristics, one above all the extraordinary LED lighting efficiency, which translates into significant and guaranteed energy savings. The LEDs are particularly suitable for gardens and green areas also because they need very little maintenance, thanks to a life span of about 50,000 hours, or once mounted you will forget you have them.

The advantages of LED lighting are many, efficiency and reliability are undoubtedly the strong points of this technology, but if you dig deeper there are also many other advantages:

  • Energy saving from 50 to 80%
  • They emit far less heat than traditional halogen lamps. (less heat = less energy wasted)
  • Immediate ignition (saving lamps need time to achieve full lighting)
  • No flicker (fluorescent lamps often flicker and create an annoying visual effect);
  • It does not pollute and does not contain dangerous substances (the saving lamps which ae now widespread contain toxic mercury)
  • Does not emit U.V. and I.R rays harmful for the eyes in case of direct exposure

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