Lampster – History of a lamp

Radu and Andrew are two young designers. A little bit of a joke they decided to create cool lamps reusing old tractor headlights. What originally had to be a personal project proved to be a very sought-after product, initially from friends and acquaintances and then from a wider market. A simple story, as it may be that of many people who put their souls and bodies into personal designs without much pretense, and then, surprisingly, with (in this case) a design object “screaming”. In fact, the two young designers, driven by the initial success, have tried to put their kickstarter lamp on. The result? It was funded in less than 24 hours!

“The Lampster” has a recycled polyurethane base that remembers the body of a super hero. The head of this character (made with old tractor headlights) is adjustable in every direction thanks to the aluminum articulated neck. There are two lighting systems, a studio classic with light light and another with a light RGB light. The two systems can operate independently of each other or they can be combined to create a bright and relaxing environment at the same time.

So, dear readers, if you have a dream for too long in the drawer, blow away the dust and throw yourself into the melee. Perhaps among you will be Radu and Andrew tomorrow.


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