Kids Bedroom, a space in transformation

The kids room is the kingdom of our children.
It’s not just an environment where they go to sleep … it’s the place where they play, study, get friends, and last but not least, to stay alone with their thoughts.
It is a social space and at the same time intimate and for this reason it has to be carefully designed and furnished.

The greatest difficulty in furnishing this room is surely the fact that it must accompany the child in the different stages of its growth, encompassing new and different needs and needs each year.
Sometimes the family is growing and you have to make room for your new brother / sister!

The ideal is therefore to opt for modular and expandable solutions that give the possibility of partially changing the environments as children grow. All this without sacrificing quality and design.

At the Salone del Mobile last April we got to touch with the new collection of children’s bedrooms signed by Doimo Cityline.

Modern, colorful, all made strictly in Italy, we liked them because of their versatility and the wide range of combinations. Solutions that allow space to be exploited (especially when this is scarce) in an intelligent and functional way.

An example of this is the “15” model, born from the idea of ​​placing the bunk bed with a 15 degree slope compared to the back wall and allowing for very little space to integrate two beds, an extremely containment cabinet and a Innovative and functional ladder that replaces classic and dangerous staircases as well as bulky ladder stairs.

Another original idea that has hit us a lot is the “Cellula” solution, conceived and designed by Giambattista Ciceri designer.
The basic model, the cell-bed, is like a brick that can be customized to your liking with your back and colored walls or stay completely open in every facade. In the case of more children, or if you want to get more space by creating a loose area, the cells are designed to be superimposed on one another.

Clearing lines and chromatic contrasts are the main features of the “Geometrie” line. Circles, triangles and squares of different colors combine in the most varied forms to give birth to ever new compositions, to stimulate the imagination and imagination of children.

These proposals Doimo Cityline collect and reinterpret children’s trends in Scandinavian-style modern furnishings: essential lines, predominance of light colors (pastels combined with white and natural essences), multifunctionality. Finally, the proposals made in Italy that satisfy those who seek non-stereotyped solutions and can adapt to the tastes of older kids, perhaps in a pink, blue or orange room, would not feel so comfortable.

Compositions and environments designed to be “cozy” (comfortable and cozy) and in fact they are so desirable … but are we certain that they are “just” for kids ?!

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