Incredible Kitchen Models Simple and Designed to Inspire You

Having a beautiful and functional kitchen is the desire of all those who dream of renovating their home or their own apartment. A well-designed kitchen, both traditional and American, takes advantage of every corner in the most creative and optimized way, making the space able to meet all the needs of those who cook for themselves or for family and friends. Both traditional kitchens and so-called American kitchens are available for all budgets. Small or large, simple or sophisticated, in modern or classic style, the sure thing is that there is always a solution tailored to every need. The traditional kitchens are perfectly adapted to the available space and can be enriched with decorations of all kinds, such as tiles and textured coverings. You can make the room brighter with totally white and cozy furniture using light wood, or give the space the look of a small bistro with traditional furnishings and slate walls.

American style kitchens – especially in their more modern versions, with central islands that mark the space or completely open on the dining room – can range from simple and compact models to large rooms with islands, worktops, cabinets, ovens and latest generation appliances. In any case, even the simplest model will be able to change your life, facilitating the entire process of preparing meals and offering considerable space to store utensils and groceries. With these premises, we let you be inspired by 20 models of kitchens (some very simple), both American and traditional. You will find many ideas to copy!


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