How to illuminate the living room

For the lighting of the living room, an environment destined for different activities, it is good to resort to various types of lamps that respond to different functions. In general, a multi-level scheme is used: lights intended for general lighting (for example wall lamps and floor lamps providing background lighting), intermediate lights that highlight a particular area, for example the bookcase or the wall where the paintings are located, and accent lights oriented towards a sculpture or themselves sculpture-lights.

The arrangement of the furniture decisively conditions lighting, first of all because the electrical sockets must be provided. The functions usually present in a large living area are the dining area and the conversation area: it is generally advisable to provide a floor lamp with adjustable arms that serves as a light hinge between the two areas. Alternatively, a chandelier should be provided on the dining table and wall lamps in the living area. If there is a long wall intended for paintings, bookshelves or home theater, you can use spotlights sliding along tracks, and that can be oriented according to needs. If the sofas are arranged at an angle, a table lamp can be placed on the table between the two upholstered furniture. A specific light should always be placed next to the seat dedicated to the reading corner.

The new LED light sources have radically changed the way of experiencing artificial light thanks to the possibility of modulating the color. For example, with the DimTone technology developed by Philips Lighting, it is possible to adjust the color temperature of the light that, from warm yellow, can become even hotter, similar to that of sunset. In addition, with the Hue Go wireless lamp, without moving from the sofa and just using the phone, you can create different light situations: relax, concentration, reading, or synchronize the light with your favorite music.




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