Ideas and tips for a modern bathroom

The latest generation bath takes inspiration from professional spa: the result is a relaxing, comfortable and ultra-modern environment. If you love the modern style and want to recreate a modern and minimalist bathroom home, it is good to know and carefully observe some simple rules regarding shapes, colors, materials and coatings to choose from for your bathroom.
Acquire these will be a play to create a modern and minimal bathroom!

Choose sanitary, top, wash basins, faucets, bases and furniture of rigorous and minimalist design, with linear and clean shapes. Of great health and suspended furniture not leaning on the ground. Banditi friezes and decorations that, on the contrary, are perfect in a classic and non-modern bathroom.

The same argument applies to the bathtub, the central element of the modern bathroom.
The industry market today offers models that have nothing to envy in the aesthetic spa, functions (such as chromotherapy) and accessories. But even if you do not want to spend a fortune you can still get the same aesthetic result: the important thing is that the bathtub or alternatively the shower room (if you prefer or if you have a small bath) respect the above mentioned rule essentiality and cleanliness of forms that need to be linear and rigorous.

As for the colors, the minimal modern bathroom is distinguished by the color contrasts between light color and its opposite (eg black and white or beige and dark brown). Such color play must also be respected in the choice of materials. Perfect for wengè (for bathroom furniture like top and basin for basin, and for bathtub lining) combined with white walls or sanitary or white dirt.

In addition to wengè, the ideal materials for a modern bathroom are chrome finish steel for faucets and acrylic washers because they enhance and enhance stylized shapes and also because they are cool materials and create a perfect contrast to a hot material such as wengè.

The ideal floor for a modern bathroom is the uncoated resin, preferably gray. This is a very trendy finish, proposed by architects for every room in the house because it is able to emphasize every piece of furniture and to enhance a modern and minimalist environment. Without considering that, beyond the aesthetic profile, the benefits of resin are really many. Alternatively, if you are more traditional, choose a parquet floor (in the version specifically designed to fit in a delicate environment such as the bathroom), or in marble or ceramic, strictly monochrome.




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