Ideas For a Small Bathroom

Choosing furniture and disposing of sanitary facilities for a small bathroom is less complicated than you might think, and even if it will be used primarily by the hosts, however, it should be, in addition to being functional, enjoyable from the aesthetic point of view.

There are infinite solutions of styles, colors and arrangements that can be adopted. Everything is related to the needs and the spaces that are available to you. The point from which to start is the placement of the washbasin, since it is important to know where to place the various pipes and why it is preferable that this be the first visible element.

I personally love geometric shapes and this square sink with beveled corners and a slightly narrowed column is a precise element but soft. It is also essential, a primary feature when working in a small space where furniture or other obstacles do not have to go back. Another key aspect, in terms of space recovery, is to use wall taps or embedded in the sink sink.

If there is a possibility to put in a shower, perfect …. in masonry, with shower tray, with or without door, it is indifferent since tailor-made can accomplish everything. Usually white illuminates and gives the optical illusion of more space, but to avoid being trivial it must be enriched with personality through particulars and accessories. In many cases, however, they opt for dark, gray and green colors that offer unexpected and beautiful solutions. Simple lighting, preferably with warm light, will certainly make the room more welcoming. Anything that is accessory can come back but without being too invasive and cumbersome.


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