Ideas to furnish the bathroom in a modern style

The historical evolution of the bathroom has undergone a dizzying rise in recent years. In fact, as a simple accessory, the bathroom has become one of the protagonists of our homes and has attracted the attention of the most important designers. If you only think about the fact that until the 60s and 70s of the last century many houses did not even have a bathroom in the main European cities, it is clear how many steps forward the private architecture has been able to to create more and more people-friendly houses and their needs.

Today, the bathroom is perhaps the room in which we invest more, starting from the plants and arriving at the furniture. Not always, however, the shape of the houses allows you to have bathrooms of large size in which you can space with different solutions, indeed in modern homes the space for all rooms is the bare minimum. Therefore, furnishing the bathroom in a modern style means first of all optimizing the spaces at our disposal, since it is no longer just the room in which the physiological needs are fulfilled but also the one in which a large number of instruments and objects must be kept and in which it must be space and possibility to relax.

The choice of floors and walls is of strategic importance, because the bathroom is the only room in the house, in addition to the wall of the kitchen, to require a covering that protects the walls from humidity. The advice is, however, to opt for neutral shades for both floors and walls, such as those proposed by the Forest line of Iperceramica, so as to have a basis on which to make other choices, even courageous. If you want to dare with the color, instead, better choose pastel shades like those of the Supegres Cocktail line of Euroceramiche Arena

Each bathroom can obviously have a unique appearance, but obviously the basic elements can not miss: sink, bidet, pot, tub and / or shower. Starting from these furnishings, the character of the environment can already be profoundly characterized. The bathroom fixtures to be preferred in a modern style bathroom are those suspended because they represent a strong break with tradition. The lines should be clean and simple, an idea could be the Citterio line by Pozzi Ginori. If you really want to dare, it’s better to do it with the colors, like the red proposed by Bagnoshop or the decorations printed on the Mitepek sanitary ware.





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