How to equip your home office on Feng Shui

Positive aspects of home office are obvious: you can work in a comfortable home, with everything you need. Additionally, you cannot spend time and money on the way to the office and back, not to mention that some of the nerves is a daily journey to work in rush hour. In addition, the possibility of working from home allows you to schedule time as you wish. In addition to all these advantages, you can make interior design your home office so that less tired, feel comfortable and to improve their performance. According to Feng Shui, mental activities are best activated in the north, northeast, southeast or northwest, so it is in this part of the apartment is better to make your home office. It is worth paying attention to adequate lighting: it is very desirable to most of the day in the room got daylight. Would be appropriate table lamps wall sconces or more. Care should be taken so that lights do not create shadows in the room. As for the windows in the home office, do not use curtains: heavy, thick fabrics create an oppressive feeling. It would be better to issue a window with blinds; this will create an atmosphere of ease. Naturally, the important issue of interior design office remains colors for the room: the best Feng Shui color, activating business activity, is yellow. That it is best used in the design of the home office. At the same time, serve as a blue process of expressing your individuality. The ideal option for home office would be if you sit perpendicular to the window and at the same time to see the door. Can be considered a negative position against the wall, but it can be fixed and hanged on a wall in front of a beautiful landscape with mountains of images: the paintings of Feng Shui promotes growth and development. Also in the design of home office, you can use an aquarium with beautiful fish. According to Feng Shui, water symbolizes money and success. In addition, the aquarium will decorate your room.


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