Home technology: functional solutions to have everything in order

Knowing how to compose your own furnishing solution in a functional way is as fundamental as designing its aesthetic side, to have a comfortable and well-organized home, where every element is in its place.

At the same time, an additional value is given to the environment, thanks to the sense of rationality that accompanies the desired perception of a design choice.

A modern living capable of combining technology and aesthetics, bases its dictates on a captivating and contemporary style, where furniture and accessories present clean and clear lines.

The essentiality in fact gives the environment a precise impression of pleasure and functionality.

Spaces of reduced size can benefit in this way of greater order, but also compositions and larger places benefit from the elimination of accessories and details “too”. For a current living area, it is essential that each component takes on multiple and precise roles, both in taste and in function.

This becomes possible thanks also to the Media Box, a module that apparently is very similar to a classic folding container, but which also contains a high functionality solution.

Perfectly inserted at the base of a Diagonal boiserie panel, as in the A064 composition, it completes its versatility and allows a notable advantage: electronic devices and devices inside are totally controllable, thanks to the special internal composition of the front door, which lets the transmission of the signal from the respective remote controls.

Also the study of the ventilation holes and cable passage in the back of the same is made to allow maximum adaptability. In this way, Media Box represents the intelligent idea that completes a refined and trendy furniture, perpetuating the desire for technological and creative innovation that has always distinguished the Tomasella Group day and night products collection.

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