HOME OFFICE, how to create a custom work space

When I think of an office, I imagine an open space like this: a kind of refurbished and very modern loft, but preserving an authentic taste and rich in history. Total white, highly technological and very strict and regular in space organization. Few elements – desk desks, drawers and comfortable chairs, nothing superfluous, all in perfect order …. virtually a dream!

Then I think the best one would be to recreate such an office in a private space, the same silent atmosphere where you can concentrate, a family place but in which you can sit down to completely change the registry and enter the workplace. What I like most about the so-called Home Office is that despite the professionalism and seriousness of a work environment, it is first and foremost a home-like corner, welcoming by definition, personal and unique because molded on specific needs Of those who live it.

I did a little research and I realized that it is not so difficult to make such a space and I’ve got some ideas in this photo gallery. The common denominator remains minimal, very simple and clean, strictly white with some gray or black touches and a sophisticated Scandinavian inspiration, in some very obvious images, which gives a refined and modern touch.


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