Home Decor Trends: Replacing geometry.

If curved and sinuous shapes oblige you, know that the time has come, even in the home furnishings, geometric, squared shapes, the union of straight lines and corners that give rise to the furniture of a definite design. The figure that inspired most designers in recent times is the hex. Such as geometry and design that combine in the Yeddi collection of Presenttime.com. Bowls, containers, pots and hexagonal lamps and faceted sides. The colors of the collection are also trendy: pastel colors such as green mint and delicate pink light. Alessandro Zambelli for the Seletti brand has created a collection of table lamps, WOODSPOT, recently presented at the Maison et Object of Paris – September 2014. The hexagonal lamp is entirely handmade. The structure is in natural pine, with painted exterior finish. Feature the shape of the diffuser starting right out of the hex hangs towards the top. Beautiful choice of colors combined with natural pine color, such as fresh rose and green mint.

It is called EQUILATERO and is the new Grass Floor Grass Collection produced by Grestec Tile, which mixes past designs with future technology. Equilatero is an experiment with shapes, colors and surfaces. With nine colors to choose from, the range can be used to mix and match, floor, more colors, in order to create a truly unique design.
The right mix of colors combined with the hexagonal shape of the tiles, allows to create floors that recall the flavor of the 40s.


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