Furnishing by playing

The spectacular Skyhouse, the attic that David Hotson in collaboration with interior designer Ghislaine Viñas, has restored in one of New York’s oldest buildings and faces Frank Gehry’s Beekman Tower. A tubular steel slide crosses the four floors on which the apartment develops, transforming it into a wonderful paragliding.


Another fantastic home-paragliding. When architecture and fun blend.

For all the geeks who want to decorate their house in line with their style here is a wall hanger that will be particularly appreciated by those who love the 8-bit design of old video games. It’s called 8-bit Hanger is the shape of a white closed hand with black pixels and the index finger raised to use it to fit our clothes.


Designed by David Weeks for Quinze Toy “Cubebot” is as much a sculpture as a comfortable sofa.


Other amazing ideas for your crazy house.




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