Foris: light objects between design and functionality

Today we talk about Foris an Italian craftsmanship of design lighting. As we all know, lighting plays a key role in furnishing a home because it contributes significantly to creating the atmosphere. Light, in fact, with the different ways in which it is reflected in the environment, is capable of generating different sensory and emotional perceptions.

In this direction, Foris architects and designers have translated into new light objects, lamps for every need. The creative minds are expressed through the potential of light, but also of the form combined with the materials, with the result of obtaining high quality artifacts and beauty.

If Foris’s technology is part of Light Engineering + Design’s experience, which over the years has dealt with issues related to high-efficiency LED systems, the new brand wanted to give expression to this technology, highlighting the importance of design and therefore Of ideas that are born to develop shape and function. Design is the leading line in the Foris collections, coupled with technical innovation, without forgetting Italian craftsmanship.

Among the models proposed by the new Foris brand, we particularly mention the Mondrian lamp set, inspired by the famous Dutch painter. The set consisting of table lamps and floor lamps is a functional design work that is expressed through light and geometry from the regular and defined shape.


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