Fireplaces “Against the wall”

Fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular as a way to improve the look and feel of our homes. There are so many styles and types available that there is a fireplace design that can suit almost any decor. There’s nothing more relaxing than to sit in the front room with the fire burning and embers popping. Furthermore, there probably isn’t a single item that can be as influential to the room as a fireplace, so it’s well worth looking at the variety of fireplace designs online in order to find the ideal fire place to suit your home and your own style.

The fireplace design can be influenced by several different areas, such as the hearth, firebox and opening. The main part to effect how your fireplace looks will be the hearth. This is what you see around the outside of the fireplace, for which there endless unique styles to choose from. The firebox is where the logs are burned, and the opening is the shape inside the hearth.

Below some examples of the collection “against the wall” presented by Modus Design