Fabulous pools where you want to dive right away

Let yourself be inspired by these beautiful swimming pools, designed not only to cool off and swim, but also to enjoy the beautiful season by the pool, at any time of the day: the last one even has a fireplace!

This pool seems to have been designed on the highest point of a hill. It is bordered by a wall that right at the sides of the pool is characterized by two openings that offer a beautiful view of the city. In the middle, however, a long and narrow window from which “peek” the landscape.


A small pool that does not lose its charm due to its size. It is bordered on three sides by an edge that becomes almost a frame and enhances its perimeter. The front side instead seems to generate a waterfall that falls perpendicular to the vegetation surrounding this house. Crystalline water reflects the clouds. Located at the top, almost at the level of the tip of the trees, the pool seems to dialogue with the sky.


One of the edges of the pool is characterized by a long and sturdy wooden board that becomes a practical table to organize a lunch with friends. At one of the two ends, the one outside the pool, comfortable chairs have been placed; along the other side, stools have been fixed which remain almost completely covered by water. The result is a very charming mise en place that allows guests and diners to enjoy their “bath” feet.
In the next picture another view shows a high table, an umbrella and stools for a coffee in the pool. This space has been furnished at one end where, thanks to a platform, the water is very low.


A transparent parapet divides the pool from a small relaxation area where comfortable seating benches have been designed and, in the middle, a brazier to heat the coldest evenings.
At dusk, with artificial lights, the parapet seems to disappear and the swimming pool dialogue directly with the outside.





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