“Empire-Young” bed

The space-saving beds of Impero are the container beds according to Cinius: a high structure in solid beech wood that conceals the large space-saving compartment below. The Impero-Young children’s bed exceeds the standard height standards of the container bed: a very high bed does not create particular space, is aesthetically pleasing and is compatible with a wide range of drawers, trolleys and sliding doors. We use the part under the bed in an intelligent and practical way!
If your children are under 8 years old you can use the underneath area as a play area and then turn it into a wardrobe or equip it with a pull-out desk.
The trolleys slide on professional wheels and the Shoji side sliding doors slide on guides milled with Japanese technique that guarantee a sealing effect, dust-proof and wear-resistant: you no longer need those bulky cabinets! If the intended use is a simple container, we recommend the Empire bed with front drawers (see), while to take advantage of a real closet for larger rooms (with a height of 110-120 cm) suggests the Impero bed with removable trolleys (see).
For the structure of the Impero Bed, we recommend the tatami (see): its texture allows you to lay the mattress directly on top, allowing good breathability and at the same time obtaining a dust-proof container bed. It is however possible to equip the Empire bed with slatted base or perforated wooden top. On both sides of the bed you can combine different types of ladders (see); the parapet is optional, but highly recommended. The Impero bed can be placed next to a wall, positioned in a corner of the room or embedded in a niche: the project can be customized to measure on a centimeter. Topping up the sheets is extremely simple: you no longer need to bend down! In case of insertion of the Empire bed in a corner or in a niche, it is advisable to request a larger structure of the mattress to facilitate the reinforcement of the sheets. The high beds give a feeling of greater security: probably because we still have a reminiscence of primordial instinct! Note that such a high bed may seem smaller than normal, but it is only an optical effect.


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