The Ecological House of Andrea Oliva

It is among the green meadows and torrents of Castelnovo di Sotto (RE) that one of the most evocative, modern and eco-friendly Italian residences stands: we are talking about the wonderful Casa sulla Morella. Created in 2009 by architect Andrea Oliva for a private client, this suggestive house, which is configured as a single-family residence, has been honored with several awards for its special attention to the environment and sustainable architecture.

It is a truly unique structure of its kind that stands between manicured lawns and ancient trees, in a place where you can fully enjoy the tranquility and nature without renouncing the comfort offered by the latest technology.

As you can see from the various images, the Casa sulla Morella is composed of two elements deliberately offset towards the north-east: we are talking about the portico and the living space.


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