Difficult spaces: solve it with books

I spent the summer settling down the attic. Choosing the time was not one of the happiest ones: in the week that recorded the heat peak, the attic became a sauna and moving boxes loaded with books was a bit like spinning midday between the heat and the moisture of Calcutta. But in the end, so much effort has been widely rewarded. After years of post-moving disorder, my books so many again have a place for them! And the mansard has come to life, gaining a new charm and turning into one of the most relaxing and welcoming corners of the entire home.

We do not always know how to solve these diffuse spaces, so it ends that the attic is reduced to mere deposit of incoherent furniture and for nothing harmonious. In fact, really is not enough to use irregular walls, like a nice bookcase!

Tailor-made bookshelves, shelves and furnishings are well suited to turning a badly used wall. They allow us to create from the bottom, according to our real needs, the right solution for every environment (coloring the book room). In the attic, it is possible to fully exploit the heights, avoiding the loss of precious centimeters, but we can go further and think of custom furniture for every home environment. Starting from the small niche, passing through each irregular wall, until you reach the less exploited point of the whole house: the staircase. Is not this shelving that accompanies us along the whole climb is not spectacular?

If a custom library allows you to solve (almost) any problem, it should be noted that this is a “forever” furniture. Combining its flexibility with nothing at its high cost, this may not be the perfect solution for today’s dynamic life. Why do not you think then of a modern modular furniture, which allows us to make libraries by following every form of wall and tilt of roof? The modules can be assembled to suit the needs and then be decomposed and recomposed according to the needs, transforming, if necessary, to fit into new rooms or at different locations.

It’s just what I thought when I decided to opt for a modern modular library: I was looking for a solution that could fit best but ready to change over time. Reflect your eyes, because today’s modular libraries are as beautiful as practical, thanks to lightweight uprights and elegant planes … like this, found on LibrerieDesign.com: the glass associated with the metal allows to furnish with class and maximize the passage of light; stupenda true?


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