Dietz Lantern House in Tribeca: Spectacular Interior Design

It consists of 5 bedrooms, 5 ½ bathroom corner, this duplex located in the Dietz Lantern house in Tribeca, New York City is nothing less than spectacular. The apartment occupies the two-storey building with lots of terraces, 50 windows and a rooftop pool with plenty of space for entertaining. The interior leaves nothing to be desired: the rooms are spacious and bright, with arrangements that attract attention and create a warm and welcoming. A generous table seems to cry out for visitors and one can only imagine what it would look like if the course is filled with delicious food. We love the huge library that literally surrounds the living space; make this place a crib in good taste. Services of this apartment have two fireplaces, river views, a wine cellar and much, much more. The costs of such a luxurious house to reach the $ 22 million worth of basketball.

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