Design bathrooms: a guide to the latest news

From a service oasis of wellness equipped with every comfort needed for a moment of genuine relaxation: the bathrooms of our homes are becoming more and more transforming into living, spacious and comfortable rooms with ever more iconic and minimalist elements. Sculptural lines, designer bathroom furniture, and next-generation accessories fill the bathrooms, the latest trend that reminds us of a definite trend: luxory. The latest trend is marble-lined baths, such as jewelry set in “magic boxes,” as Pietro Russo says in the Île de la Cité recently renovated an apartment with its own patio bath with a unique gray marble slab with brass finishes (last frontier of luxury after steel and gold); or the architect Luciano Giorgi whose last creation in South Kensington sees a bathroom whose walls are of polychrome marble inlaid with modern geometric designs.

Marble, elegant and luxurious material excellently, comes back to the forefront of our bathrooms not only on the walls but also in precious furnishings: it is the case of the Bjhon washbasin designed by Angelo Mangiarotti for Agape, an idea of ​​the 1970 modernized and adapted to all ‘idea of ​​the most modern luxury. The conical truncated column can support different shapes of basin, creating a highly sculptural value object that gives a touch of timeless classicism to any environment.

Marble pattern, but with a totally different impact, is the 815 Washbasin, designed by Benedini Associati for Agape. This washbasin looks like a thick rectangular plan with an asymmetrical shape that resembles the naturalness of the erosion produced by the rain on the stone. Available in both Carrara marble and other stones at the customer’s choice, this mobile can be placed either on the wall or on the Flat XL container. As for the shower, the principle element of every bath, Antonio Lupi is reputed to be a true island. In fact, the island is the name of its latest shower model: a 360 ° shower, placed in the middle of an elegant bathroom and separated by the rest of the environment from a thin layer of 8mm pure crystal. The water is thus truly the protagonist of the bathroom designed by Antonio Lupi, creating an uncontaminated atmosphere where nature’s voice goes back to even the most urban flats. Always in search of a wellness environment, the bath is recently interpreted as a place for a rite, taking rehearsals and stereotypes studied in the smallest detail to communicate to our senses the well-being and tranquility of exotic places like saunas and hammam. Just on a unique sensory experience they play projects like Immersion, tub designed by Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu for Agape. In this object the rite of the oriental bath is reinterpreted in a modern key by replacing the traditional wooden tub with a tub that reproduces the typical spa sensations of Oriental culture: the tub allows for different positions, a higher one thanks to a iroko wooden sitting position on one side, the other completely immersed, favoring the feeling of relaxation, wrapped in steam rising slowly from the surface of the water. A design from the essential lines that allows the living area to live in a totally new perspective. This tank, due to the specificity of its size, fits very well even in confined spaces; in fact it is shorter than a normal bath, but instead retrieves it in height.

Along with minimal lines, we find the Simple collection designed by Piero Lissoni for the Boffi brand. This line includes a modular system of non-handle bath containers, featuring single drawers or removable doors in various finishes. Both the doors and the drawers (available in a wide range of materials at the customer’s choice) can be opened by a Tip-On pressure system, which makes the system of lines really elegant and essential. Lastly, speaking of luxury bathrooms, you can not cite the Falper brand, a must in the industry, which has the latest news: Extreme Flat. Designed by Michael Schmidt, this product has infinite customization in size and thickness, as well as in positioning the floor washbasin, all made in Cristalplant Biobased is the world’s most powerful and certified material for the construction of washbasins and tanks bath and has a tactile and reflective effect of just soft and uniform light.Always in the light of minimalist-oriented luxury, this object manages to give character and elegance in any way personalized.

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