Desalto Element, sculpture suspended in the air

The Best Line Work was the Award that was won in 2014 by the Desalto Element Collection: a series of very strong decorative components, because the basic design challenges the gravity law with suspended shapes.
Designer Tokujin Yoshioka has designed support planes on one central support: this suspension visually resembles the natural quartz, and gives the look of a sculpture suspended in time and space as a whole.

The whole collection thus consists of much more than trivial support plans, starting from the dining tables – available in sizes up to 3 meters – until they arrive at the tables, and in it the Desalto experience clearly stands out , in addition the company specializes in metalworking applied to interior design. All the elements of the collection seem to be, with their twisted joints, perpetually livid, creating almost a sense of mystery.

The Best Line Work category for which this collection was rewarded wanted to recognize a graphic trait that is at the top of expressiveness, with an industrial product that succeeds, though unintentionally, gaining a work of art. It is just another step of Desalto on a road made of sophisticated projects but accessible to a wide market.

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