How to decorate a small bathroom in 10 moves

You want to get a second bathroom in your house, maybe catching a closet, the blind portion of a hallway or dividing into two a bath too big? A project certainly challenging but not impossible.

1 –  Choose a mobile compact bathroom with integrated sink, so you can take advantage of every centimeter. Today you are spoiled for choice, since this furniture is the trend of the moment: from budget models to the top of the range, the bathroom furniture will be the highlight of the room, the item you choose first, and around which rotate everyone else.

2 – Another highlight of Lilliputian bathroom mirror. It has the power to expand the space, but not only: if you opt for one mirror cabinet ricaverete additional space to have all your toiletry bag at hand, in the absence of table tops.

3 – Health: usually they are bulky, and then in Italy, unlike in other countries, the bidet is indispensable (as well as provisions of the building code!). Do not worry, choose models suspended from 45 to 50 cm deep, now offered by almost all manufacturers.

4 – In shower or bath, but unfortunately you can not install a Jacuzzi. The ideal choice is a shower with flat plate, which has to its advantage the input convenience in shower and the increased breadth of the trampling surface. Besides these dishes can be provided to measure.

5 – Shower: attention to the effect-in closet of certain bulky and impractical box, especially if placed in a small space! Rather mounted a beautiful curtain of waterproof cloth, to keep the collection to expand the space: an economical and practical solution. The box instead shower must be transparent and thin profiles, maybe a “walk model” with fixed or mobile leaves. These devices are useful to give the illusion that the space is larger.

6 – Heating: the exhaustive heated towel rail fixed to the wall saves space and can be used to hang the towels.

7 – Investments: reduce to a minimum the elements that create discontinuities on surfaces such as the spaces between tiles, unevenness in the floor, the separators. For the preferred light color coating on the walls: the ideal is the concrete, creating a smooth, continuous surface. Alternatively, paint the walls with a waterproof paint, allocating the tiles, preferably large, only a shower room.

8 – Furniture: also exploited the surface vertically, with columns and shallow cabinets and shelves. If there are niches, collocatevi shelves and cabinets.

9 – The door: absolutely smooth or casket! If you can not be adopted in the opening to the outside, even if it does so much toilet of the restaurant …

10 – Finally, the personal touch, because your basic mini bathroom is complete. Kept to a minimum decoration: a few light touches to be lighter on the environment, but necessary to customize the bathroom and give a touch of warmth: a nice ethnic carpet, beautiful baskets to hold hygiene products, a small press. Few things well chosen and your tiny bathroom no longer seem such.

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