How to Decorate a House of 90 square meters

Let’s add another piece to our very practical guide to furnishing apartments of different sizes focusing here in particular the attention on houses of 90 square meters where nothing is left to chance. So get ready to discover how to furnish a 90 sqm house through an amazing visual journey in 5 apartments designed by talented architects and interior designers.

90 square meters inside which luxury, design elements and an exquisitely modern and essential style coexist … the first project you can admire shows a perfect subdivision of spaces and environments through the creation of a living area with integrated kitchen of inspiration open space that leaves room for bedroom, children’s bedroom, hallway and two large bathrooms.

The primary shade used for furniture and finishes is white combined with elegant shades of gray that can vary up to a soft and refined taupe, particular inserts and design objects, such as lighting systems or sophisticated wall coverings, give character and personality.



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