Creative tricks for parents submerged by games

A mini guide to choosing the right furniture and tricks to make the children’s room tidy (almost) alone. When it comes to games, accessories & Co., the space becomes essential to not be submerged by the objects of the children of the house. Here then are some suggestions for ordering and making the bedroom functional with the right containers. You will not believe it, but it takes very little!

Under the bed is better
How many of us would like to make many things disappear under the bed, when friends and relatives arrive? It’s a classic.
But now you can. Think about the next purchase of a bed: the models with the container below are really practical and allow you to hide voluminous objects, otherwise difficult to hide.
If you have enough budget, you can also think of a tailor-made solution.


Trolley, boxes for clothes, blankets … and even games. With the appropriate boxes and containers, the space under the bed can serve as an ideal place to cram everything.


If the bed is single, it can sometimes also be equipped with a bed and a chest underneath. With the addition of a mattress, perhaps inflatable, it is perfect for an extra friend or a Saturday night slumber party.


Cestone, I adore you!
How many times, having to rearrange the bedroom “on the fly”, we would like to have at hand a nice basket where to put everything that does not find a place? The basket is the windfall in certain cases. For example, for bulky games, basketball balls, pickup trucks, toy cars and so on.
There are several versions: from rope, in ethnic style, through those in fabric, more and more often designed by the same brand in coordination with the duvet cover and the textile for the bedroom.


And then there is the card. New trend of recent years, the baskets have become sacks, very similar to those of bakers and flour on an industrial level.


On the market there are several and usually they are thought in a witty way, with particular writings, drawings and graphics. Less resistant than fabric, however, they have the advantage of costing less and being very decorative.


For those who do not throw away anything and can not overcome the idea of ​​detachment, the containment space is a constant problem. Go ahead then to modular solutions to be kept in sight and transformed when necessary.
Scandinavian bookcases have the advantage of being light and can be integrated over time, with extra storage units and shelves, without changing the structure. Or, for those who are used to do-it-yourself, the fruit boxes, the classic ones from the market, appropriately treated, turn out to be an excellent container if hung on the wall like shelves.


The network for fishing games
And if we were just submerged by the puppets? The idea of ​​cramming them on a shelf can scare, beyond the problem of mites, dust and the like. Here is that the network helps us to take advantage of the ceiling too. Yes, the ceiling!

A little used corner of the bedroom, can be the right place to hang a net – fishing net effect – in which to insert all the soft toys and games that must remain close at hand. An extreme but decidedly practical idea: with a special opening, they can be paraded, pampered and stored inside, without major efforts.




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