The corner fireplace for a corner of relaxation and conversation

Of particular scenic effect is the corner fireplace, which carves out in your home a corner of relaxation to be enjoyed alone or in company and reserves only a small space, but far coveted by all the tenants of the house, lovers of sweet warmth issued.

The corner fireplace is the ideal solution for those who have a small space, but want to give their environments a special scenic effect. Leaving the walls of the room free, with a corner fireplace, it is possible to furnish the house in complete freedom, without worrying about placing the furniture so that there are no air passages that would constantly cause smoke spills or design your fireplace in based on numerous factors of your home.

The corner fireplace allows to be designed and built according to structures of round, rectangular, square or polygonal shapes giving space to the imaginative vein of your desire for personalization: ideal solution for those who want to design or design their own fireplace in the smallest details. Furthermore, the wide choice of coatings allows you to choose between:

– The precious veins of the marble
– Natural stone
– Satin aluminum
– The granite

Generally the corner fireplace consists of a hearth and a shelf installed diagonally in a corner of the environment where you wish to place it and has two sides, one higher than the other; they can be sold closed by tempered glass, designed to withstand high temperatures and guarantee high technical and mechanical performance to thermal expansion of the construction material.

However, although the corner fireplace presents itself with the same characteristics and functionality as a traditional fireplace, this is not considered as the main heating source, since its location does not lend itself to the study of a design that allows spreading the heat on a house structured on several levels. To meet the heating needs of a large house or built on several floors, it is in fact necessary to build the fireplace in the center of the house, an operation that is not always possible with the type of corner fireplace that is often installed on a wall or in a residential area away from other environments.

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