The contrasts that give character to the living area

We give you today some other examples of how to furnish it with extreme taste by exploiting the power of absolute contrasts between materials and colors and giving life to a classic representation of the new advancing in furnishing.

Stylistic codes to the opposite poles, such as those found in the Lema Flowers’ Table, a work that with its light metal structure and matte lacquered counter tops a lively 1950s style design that seems to hover in the environment living room.

For lighting, however, the contrast between chiaroscuro has always been a great classic and proposes it, in glass and painted metal, Foscarini in its special collection made in collaboration with Diesel. Gask is a compact but fun suspension lamp in its clean and essential design that looks like echoing ancient mystical architectures such as ziggurat.

Much more sinuous, instead, is Nonette, in the increasingly multifaceted and multifaceted catalog of Roche Bobois: a LED floor lamp with a special “oblong” and entirely ceramic terminal. With its 38W, the light in your rooms will always be impeccable, can swear!

These are ideas that play between empty and full, always inserting very definite silhouettes into the living area, and translating into interior design in character!

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