The most common mistakes in the design of a modern bathroom

Designing a modern bathroom means choosing among countless design solutions in search of a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Let’s forget about the old rooms with all the tiles on the walls and a cabinet in which to place the products for the toilet: now the tendency is to use particular materials such as resin and cement, wood and mosaics to make the atmosphere less gloomy and oppressive, choose suspended sanitary fixtures and faucets with very clean and essential lines, wide and perfectly integrated furniture.

Meanwhile, we take all the necessary measures taking into account the position of the discharges and water supply that clearly affect the location of the sanitary ware and the shower or tub. If the bathroom is rectangular, with long sides, it is clear that it is better to arrange them in the same side, while if the same is square-shaped then you can opt for the bathroom fixtures in one side he furnishings in the opposite side. Another aspect is the lighting: a bathroom with large windows allows a natural light, while their absence forces us to use the spotlights of the mirror as an essential point of light.

Established that the bathroom is a place to relax we must make it as similar as possible to a SPA. So soft carpets, if possible, a comfortable armchair and a low table where you can fix the beauty products that we normally use.

The bathtub, if you have decided to use it, is the first element to be positioned considering its size. It is clear that the use of large and unusual shapes compared to the canonical ones (170 × 70 cm.) Will give the bathroom a more appreciable appearance: oval, round or square positioned even in the center of the room are extremely suitable solutions for a bathroom modern, as well as the use of particular materials such as Corian, compared to the usual ceramic. If, on the other hand, the shower is chosen, it must be comfortable and wide, with a steel structure and solid crystals: a shower head with a very wide jet capable of investing the whole body is the best choice.

First of all, suspended sanitary fittings are synonymous with functionality (easy to clean) and modernity, while the sink must be large or in any case ensure, by means of a support surface, the necessary space to place all that we need for our daily care. The forms must be regular to recall a sense of functionality and sobriety.

In the design phase, taps are also important. Meanwhile, the technology allows to regulate the consumption of water in an intelligent way and without waste. Electronic faucets with photocell and thermostatic mixers are extremely functional objects and in step with the times where the superfluous leaves space to the functional. Wall cocks that give a modern edge to the overall design of the environment are also very popular.


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