Colorful and Bright Child Bathroom

Color plays an important role to describe a joy, it is certainly very important for your child, many parents are designing a broad range of issues aimed specifically at their child. So also with the kids loved the bright colors and funny. Not only for their space, you can also design a special bathroom for children, complete with colorful furniture, the designs are cute and fun. Colorful bathroom ideas come from Laufen, with a collection of furniture Florakids which were created especially for kids bathroom.

This is a collection of furniture that is imaginative, colorful and fun, and believe your child enjoy the cheerful atmosphere in it. Florakids collection consists of a sink with a basin shaped like a flower that blooms, and is available in white, red and green. To complement the ceramic sink rack is also available which has a shape resembling a small cloud, and are available in matching colors. It also provided a mirror with red or green flower design, there is also the option of a mirror with a design resembling a cute caterpillar.